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Your little water adventurers can enjoy their first splashes in an infant pool or enjoy the tots slides.supervise their children. There are also six small slides with a few inches of water below. This safe structure is perfect for kids getting adjusted to the wonderful world of water!


Get on this exhilarating thrill ride that will leave you breathless as you plummet down on a vertical sheet of water.


Need a break? Take a relaxing swim at the Oasis Pool. A calm haven for those wishing to take a break from all the action around the waterpark fitted with a volleyball net for the sport lovers.

LPOD Beach

Missing the beach? Now you can sink your toes into our real sand beach or create awesome sandcastles by the water. This LPOD Beach creates 1.5 meter high waves every 10 minutes to give you the sensation of a real ocean. All ages are welcomed to swim in the LPOD Beach! Children should be under parental supervision at all times. Life jackets are available for purchase at the Souq.


Feel the adrenaline with this heart pumping ride. A giant pendulum style slide with a tube slide all the way down and defy gravity by sliding all the way back up!


Grab a tube whether single or double and jump on any of the four tube slide experiences that drops you immediately in an enclosed tunnel all the way down for a thrilling adventure.


Set back, relax and float away! Get your tube and your friends and float through the ancient caves of our 420 meter lazy river. Enjoy the beautiful views of the unique stone sculptures inspired from the Dilmun Era.


Here is where you kick back and relax. While the family takes thrilling spills on body slides and raft rides, you can take a moment to relax in the waterpark’s more laid back attraction equipped with bubble jets and refreshing mocktail bar.