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Rides & Slides

Get ready for an ultimate water adventure at The Lost Paradise Of Dilmun

People of Determination

Our Rides

All The Thrills

Enjoy more than 20  rides, Pools, slithering slides, and amazing attractions!


بحاجة إلى استراحة؟ استمتع بالسباحة المريحة في مسبح الواحة ملاذ ها

شرائح السرعة

انطلق في رحلة التشويق المبهجة التي ستجعلك تحبس أنفاسك وأنت تهبط ع

حوض السباحة

يمكن لمغامري الماء الصغار الاستمتاع بأول رشاشات لهم في مسبح الأطف


Your little water adventurers can enjoy their first splashes in an infant pool or enjoy the tots slides.supervise their


Get on this exhilarating thrill ride that will leave you breathless as you plummet down on a vertical sheet of water.


Need a break? Take a relaxing swim at the Oasis Pool. A calm haven for those wishing to take a break from all the action


Super Bowl is one of the wackiest rides you could ever imagine. In fact, getting there is part of the fun. Twist and sho


Looking for an adrenaline rush? A selection of 5 fast speed slides going through winding flumes and chutes! You will not

LPOD Beach

Missing the beach? Now you can sink your toes into our real sand beach or create awesome sandcastles by the water. This


Feel the adrenaline with this heart pumping ride. A giant pendulum style slide with a tube slide all the way down and de
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