Food And Beverage


Biggest dining area in the waterpark. Serves fast food favourites such as burger meals,  salads, hotdogs and a whole lot more! Accommodates wet & dry guests with comfortable seating for the entire family!


Arabian Grill

Enjoy the region’s freshly grilled dishes. From Kebabs, Shawarma, Lamb Chops. A definite spot for meat lovers!



Offers traditional Arabic & Chinese dishes that will truly satisfy a hungry stomach. Choose from a a variety of freshly prepared arabic food or witness delicious live Asian cooking. Rice meals, tasty pasta or eastern favorites a definite palate pleaser for an action packed day!


Here’s a refreshing treat! Get into the Spa pool bar and choose from variety of of specialty drinks from milkshakes, fresh juices, slush or drink a relaxing mojito as you dip yourself in a cozy bubbly pool. 


New! Blue Lagoon Beach Bar

Newly built, beach side bar offers refreshing drinks and snacks. The outlet is perfectly elevated, providing the perfect view of the wave after wave fast-paced fun at the beach!


New! Mid Summer Cafe

Recently opened Mid-Summer Cafe, offers a chill out cafe experience that welcomes in-park and outside guests in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Serving freshly brewed and specialized coffee plus tasty pastries and sweets. A perfect retreat from an exciting day out or an ideal hang out for groups and friends. 



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