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1. Where is LPOD Waterpark? 


Lost Paradise of Dilmun (LPOD) Waterpark is located in the Southern Governorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

For exact address: 

Building 1663, Road 6227, Block 1062 Hawrat Ingah, Bahrain, Sakhir, Al Rifa` Wa Al Mintaqah Al Janubiyah, Bahrain


Fro directions Click link here: http://www.lpodwaterpark.com/page.php?title=Directions&id=13


2. How much is the entry fee? 


Our current standard entry rate is BD 17 for guests above 1.2 meter height & BD 8 for guests below 1.2m height. Children below 2 yrs old are free (proof of age required on entry). Please note that our rates are subject to change during special events/ offers/ holidays.


3. What is LPOD waterpark’s Operating hours? 


LPOD Waterpark begins it’s season opening from 10 a.m, weather permitting the closing hours increases from 5pm - 8pm as we approach summer. Our season is normally from March to December. For up to date schedule, please click here



4. What should I wear? Dress Code & Footwear?


Proper swimming attire is required. (Swimsuit/Burkini or any other proper swim wear)  Cutoff shorts are accepted, only if there are no rivets on the shorts.  Thong bikinis are not allowed. Any guest wearing clothing that is offensive, such as clothing with profanity, will be asked to change, or leave the park. Guests are encouraged to wear water-appropriate footwear (such as flip-flops or watershoes) during their visit. We do not allow footwear to be worn on any fiberglass sliding attraction (guest may hold footwear or leave at bottom of attraction). All other attractions allow footwear to be worn. Swim shirts or t-shirts may be worn on most attractions.


5. What can I bring in LPOD Waterpark? 


Because of the active nature of our attractions, personal flotation devices are not allowed in any of the attractions. Lifejackets are available for use at any Guest Service or most Tube Exchange locations (at no cost). Snorkels are not permitted. Food & Beverage entry is not allowed. Baby Food is permitted. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages are permitted.Bags are subject to search on entry by our security staff. 


6. Is Smoking permitted in the waterpark? 


LPOD Waterpark is a smoke-free environment. For our guests who smoke, a covered smoking area is properly located near the spa pool area. 


7. Can I leave the park & re-enter? 


Due to implementation of our health & safety standards, guests are allowed to exit and re-enter the waterpark within a maximum time of 15 mins only. Please proceed to designated turnstile to request for your exit and re-entry permit. 


8. Do I need to pay admission if I’m not going to swim? 


Yes, all guests are required to pay admission to get into the park. There is no way to separate or regulate those who are not using the attractions. Some chaperone allowances are made for special groups. Guest Services offers a 10 minute tour to check the place. See Guest Services for details.


9. Where do I find discount offers? 


LPOD Waterpark has several authorized re-selling partners that offers upto 15-20% discounts. This can be purchased at any of their stores/properties. For upto date offers please click here http://www.lpodwaterpark.com/events.php

NEVER purchase tickets from street vendors or any unauthorized source. Please note that unauthorized or unlawful resale or attempted resale of any ticket will result in seizure and cancellation without compensation.  This includes complimentary tickets.  If you purchase a ticket from an unauthorized source, that ticket will not be honored nor will any refunds or compensation be provided to you.  If using a Print at Home ticket, you will be required to present the credit card used for the purchase at the entry turnstiles up entry.  Want to be sure your ticket is valid? Please click  here for our authorized partners & upto date offers http://www.lpodwaterpark.com/events.php or you may contact us at 973-17845100. 


10. What other items might I need to purchase once inside the park?


In addition to food purchases, we recommend that you rent a locker for your valuables (and keep the electronic bracelet with you). We also offer rental of towels and private Cabanas. Please proceed to lockers/towels/ cabana rentals counter stations located near main rest rooms. 


11. Can we reserve the cabanas prior to our arrival? 


Yes you can depending on availability,  please contact +973-17845100 and ask for our retail department for reservations. Due to the limited number of cabanas, your booking will only be kept for a maximum time of 2 hours only (from opening time) After 2 hours of no show the cabana will be released for sale. 


12. Is the water heated?


No, LPOD waterpark is a 100% outdoor waterpark. The water temperature varies based on evening temperatures and current weather conditions.


13. Do you have lifeguards on duty?


Yes. We have certified lifeguards on all of our attractions. LPOD Waterpark’s lifeguards are certified to handle minor to major cases and are all first aid providers. In addition  a well equipped First Aid area and certified nurse is available all day long. 


14. Is WiFi available?


Yes, limited/basic WiFi access is available in all areas of the park. Service is available in all cabanas and restaurants of the park. 


15. Is disabled or guests with special needs allowed in the park?


Yes, everyone is welcome inside the park. A special rate is also provided for all our guests with special needs. Please contact our guest service for more information 973-17845100.

LPOD Waterpark is a participatory waterpark with physically demanding activities where you control your own ride experience. Guests should assess their physical capabilities and swimming skills prior to participating. Always observe the attraction and read all signage before deciding to ride.






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