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The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park was developed by the Al Areen Holding Company at an investment of US $65 million. The water park currently covers an overall area of approximately 77,000 square metres, with a built-up area of 45,000 square metres and about 20,000 square metres allocated for future expansion and car parking.

The theme of this exciting water park is based on Bahrain’s rich history links to the civilization of Dilmun. It is not only constructed in accordance with the highest and most sophisticated standards in the field, but it has also managed to incorporate and capture both historic and aesthetic beauty. 

In addition to providing a modern, hi-tech, family recreation facility, The Lost Paradise of Dilmun has recaptured the ancient history of Bahrain by integrating it into the park’s theme. The water park evokes the spirit of ancient times by drawing attention to the beauty of the Dilmun ruins, furthering the enjoyment of this facility by creating an escape into the lost civilisation. 

Bahrain’s first world-class water park features some of the latest water based amusement technology, providing fun for all ages with special facilities and play areas designed to keep children amused for hours on end.

The water park has many exceptional features, such as the “Dilmun Artesian Spring” which recreates the idea of Bahrain’s ancient springs. It is an area for families to relax in, with shaded seating around the pool edges and Jacuzzi-style jet massage nozzles strewn across the insides. All these special features are encircled by a large swimming area.

The Lost Paradise of Dilmun also possesses the only wave pool with a sandy beach in the Middle East. This feature provides an enjoyment for people of all ages and all preferences. For more guest comfort, there are replicas of Dilmun ruins set up with thatched shaded lounging areas and extensive landscaping.

For the children there is an extensive interactive wet play area. This attraction has a range of theme-based, interactive play equipment with structures offering a dozen slides, water sprays, water curtains, mini tip buckets and a host of knobs, swivels and levers to adjust and direct a series of jets and sprays. 

Around the wave pool and acting as a natural navigation path through the whole water park is a lazy river which meanders through a series of themed tunnels. Each tunnel is fitted with wall paintings, replicated ancient artefacts and treasures and is accompanied sounds and visual effects to further enhance the experience.


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